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Construction & Rehabilitating Infrastructure & Improving
Educational Delivery System in  GHS Gandi Khan Khel District Lakki Marwat

Sub-Project Overview

img_8RIHRDO survey and information gathered through community networks indicate that there are repair, reconstruction and need for new accommodations in government high and primary schools for developing and maintaining the girl’s interest in education process. Negligence and inattention in provision of adequate, quality and conducive education environment will lead to increased number of unschooled girls whose only ambition is to grow up to help those around her. Educated girls indeed can better decide about changing their legal status besides offering sustainable solutions to their social and political issues plaguing their country in future. Educated and trained girls will be better placed in realizing each other’s rights and will contribute towards better economic and social cohesion between the two communities.
The recent UNICEF MICS and Ministry of Education assessment indicates unavailability of adequate water and sanitation facilities, particularly at girls schools contribute to the absenteeism of students & high ratio of drop out. Classes usually have several grades in the same classroom; few have facilities such as blackboards & teaching aid materials. The proposed action will identify and positively address specific problems that hamper teaching and learning environment, by involving communities at the grassroots.

Leading economists believe that female education may “be the highest return on investment available in developing countries today.” Interesting research from the World Bank shows that, for every extra year of education beyond the average level, a woman’s wages rise by 13-18%. The UN tells us, that for every year a woman is educated; the chance of infant mortality reduces by 5-10%. Children of educated mothers study for two hours longer each night, than those of non-educated women. Society may be slow to change, but educating girls is certainly the catalyst to begin it. UNESCO states that only 70% of students beginning primary school actually complete it and the bad news is, the dropout rate is increasing with no increase in Government spending to arrest it. In secondary school, the likelihood of a child completing nine years of basic education is laughable.

Under the proposed project “Rehabilitating infrastructure and improving educational delivery system in 1 GHS in U/C City 1 l”, RIHRDO will rehabilitate infrastructure and improve educational delivery system in 1 GHS  in U/C City 1  by organizing PTAs in accordance with the Ministry of Education (MoE) standards and addressing basic construction needs at these schools. These government schools are identified with the relevant education authority (EDO);

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Project Goals and Objectives:

  • Strengthening community involvement in school education management
  • Awareness for increasing the enrolment of girls
  • Construction / reconstruction of facilities like boundary wall, bathrooms, water tanks, and other identified needs as per school requirement.
  • Repair and overhaul of existing school buildings


Main activities during the reporting period for Construction in Govt High School U/C City 1:

Construction  and rehabilitation of classroom:

The construction work in Govt High School Mohala Mahsudan, Tank was started on July 2012 and completed on October 2012 .The works included the structure of one classroom and veranda, lanter work, rehabilitation of one classroom , plaster work and final touches to buildings..

Constrution of latrines:

In Govt High School City 1, Tank Ten latrines are constructed along with water facility and sentration work.

Water Facility:

230 feet bore for water was done along with water machine and water tank installed for avalibilty of pure drinking water to the students of Govt High School City 1.

Impact of the sub-project

RIHRDO provided missing facilities as per requirement of Govt High School City 1 like, construction and rehabilitation of classroom, latrine facilities and Water facility. The activities undertaken by RIHRDO would make a positive impact on the local communities, Parent Teacher Association PTA’s and increase the educational delivery system .Stake holders and other members are satisfied with quality of the work done by RIHRDO at the project site.

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