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Rural Infrastructure & Human Resource Development Organization (RIHRDO) Health Care  Center  – Peshawar took initiative in this year i.e., 2014 and kept on focusing to serve the humanity with dedication and determination.  Though our resources are very limited as it is a self-support organization but we try our level best to facilitate maximum patients by providing them consultation, medication, ultrasound and free camps.

All these services are based on as low as possible rates and even in most of deserving and needy cases; we provide them either free treatment or charge them on discounted or very nominal rates.  Our devoted staff members are available 24/7 for patients’ services and take care of their utmost satisfaction by follow up calls or visits.

Free Camps:

img_3We organized  Free Camps every 3 month for people around our location but it was observed that people participated in these camps from far areas as well.  These camps proved beneficial in different senses; not only treated free but numbers of cases were timely referred to different hospitals for further treatment which resulted them securing from major issues in the near future or future.

We tried to involve different specialists for such free camps so that people in this area could have maximum awareness about the most common problems being faced in our daily routine lives.



General Awareness Activities

Due to certain cultural barriers, different issues need to be briefed or highlighted for community which may help people to come out of such restrictions which are human-made barriers.

So keeping the same in view, RIHRDO Health Care Center  arranged General Awareness Sessions during the year 2014 and number of people showed their deep interest and attended such gathering with much importance. The details about such activities are as under;

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  1. Importance of Education for Girls

Our culture in Pakistan is man dominated culture, ultimately boys in a family; is considered the best than a girl.  In some areas particularly in K. P. K. or interior Sindh or Baluchistan, girls are not supposed to be sent for schooling.  We arranged such awareness sessions for the head of the families to brief them about the equal importance for the both genders, both got equal rights for education and grooming in such a competitive life for a better and secure life.  We do appreciate the participants for their interest, agreeing with the logics and showed desire to send their girls for schooling.

  1. Fight against Polio

Unfortunately, numbers of Polio Cases have been discovered during the year 2104 and still it has been continuously increasing almost every month and the worst part of the story is that our Province K. P. K. got the majority cases discovered.  Though it was very risky to arrange such awareness session but still we arranged, its precautionary measures (in form of vaccination) and the side effect of the dark side of not availing its vaccination.  People participated, realized the facts and admired the efforts of the foundation in such a dangerous situation being seen or observed every day around us against Polio.

Though  Rural Infrastructure & Human Resource Development Organization (RIHRDO)  got very limited resources but still we try our level best for the uplift of the community.

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Rural Infrastructure & Human Resource Development Organization (RIHRDO)  have number of dreams which needs to be fulfilled or required to be result oriented but as it is self-supported organization so our limited financial recourses don’t allow us to do so.  Keeping in view the activities being made during the year 2014; we plan to arrange more on large scale not restricting only to these ones but want to manage more as well.

We are planning to;

  • Increase our current Medical Facilities on large scale by adding up more specialties to facilitates maximum deserving and needy community.
  • Inducting more facilities like Laboratory and X-ray units.
  • Get our current facilities to such area where more deserving people could be facilitated.
  • Provide ambulance facilities for emergencies so that lives could be saved timely.
  • Hire more Human Resource in different special field particularly related to women and children health.
  • Most of the new born couldn’t have healthy nutrition facilities and it is only because of parents’ financial lacking.Rural infrastructure & Human Resource Development Organization (RIHRDO intends to design a comprehensive program for such children so that they could have at least one year milk facility to be provided at their door-step by registering them with rihrdo.
  • Currently we are running our health services in rented building but like to have foundation own campus. Own campus could obtained by two different options;